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As of May 3, 2021

BeaverMilford City
Box ElderBear River WCD
Box ElderElwood Town
Box ElderHowell Town
Box ElderPerry City
Box ElderTremonton City
CacheBenson Culinary WID
CacheHyde Park City
CacheLogan City
CacheNibley City
CacheNorth Logan City
CacheProvidence City
CacheSmithfield City
CacheTrenton Town
CarbonSunnyside City
DavisBenchland Water District
DavisBountiful City Water
DavisBountiful Irrigation
DavisClinton City
DavisMutton Hollow ID
DavisNorth Salt Lake City
DavisSouth Davis Sewer District
DavisSouth Davis Water District
DavisSunset City
DavisWeber Basin WCD
DavisWest Bountiful City
DavisWoods Cross City
DavisKaysville City
DuchesneCeadarview-Montwell SSD
DuchesneDuchesne City
DuchesneUpper County WID
EmeryGreen River
GarfieldBoulder Farmstead Water Company
GrandGrand Water & Sewer Service Agency
IronCentral Iron Country WCD
IronwEnoch City
KaneKane County WCD
MillardDelta City
MorganCottonwood Mutual Water Company
MorganMountain Green SID
MorganRichville Pipeline Company
RichGarden City
Salt LakeBluffdale City
Salt LakeCentral Valley Water Reclamation Facility
Salt LakeCottonwood Coves
Salt LakeCottonwood ID
Salt LakeDraper City
Salt LakeGranger Hunter ID
Salt LakeJordan Valley WCD
Salt LakeJordan Valley WCD
Salt LakeMetropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy
Salt LakeMidvalley ID
Salt LakeRiverton City
Salt LakeSalt Lake City Public Utilities
Salt LakeSandy City
Salt LakeSouth Jordan City
Salt LakeSouth Salt Lake City
Salt LakeSouth Valley Reclamation Facility
Salt LakeSouth Valley SD
Salt LakeTaylorsville-Bennion ID
Salt LakeWaterPro
Salt LakeWest Jordan
Salt LakeWhite City ID
Salt LakeHolliday Water Company
San JuanBluff Water Works

Mayfield Town Water System

SanpeteMt Pleasant City
SanpeteSpring City
SanpeteWales Town
SevierJoseph Town
SevierKoosharem Town
SevierMonroe City
SevierRedmond Town
SummitMountain Regional Water SSD

Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District

SummitSummit County Service Area #3
TooeleGranstville City
UintahAshley Valley Water & Sewer ID
UintahVernal City
UtahCentral Utah WCD
UtahLehi City
UtahPayson City
UtahSantaquin City
UtahSpanish Fork City
WasatachMidway City
WashAsh Creek SSD
WashDammeron Valley Water Works
WashMountain Springs Water Company
WashSpringdale City
WeberBona Vista Water ID
WeberCentral Weber Sewer ID
WeberHooper Water ID
WeberHuntsville Town
WeberLiberty Pipeline Company
WeberTaylor West Weber WID
WeberUintah Highlands ID

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